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Meet the Team at GMC 2000

  • Robert (Bob) Gilpin


    Robert or Bob as he is known in the motor trade set up gables motor company some years ago. (He would not want to divulge just how long as it would show his age) He enjoys restoring American muscle cars as to which he owns 7 at present, spending time with his grand-kids and the pub with his wife on a Saturday.

  • Chris (The Vacuum Man) Vaughan

    Sales Manager

  • Peter (Flash) Morris


    Peter has been in the motor trade in several different roles for nearly 40 years (#Fossil) he is known as Flash at gables for his exceptional speed and alertness. He enjoys spending time at his villa in Spain and time with his granddaughter.

  • James (Quick Draw) Duckworth


    James has only been with GMC2000 for a short time but has merged into the team very quickly. He is always first to the phone hence the nickname Quick-draw. He enjoys Mackerel fishing, power lifting, playing the guitar.

  • Paul (The Running Man) Slobodian


    Paul is known by the staff at GMC2000 as the Running man, Not just for his love of running but he will not sit in his seat for more than 5 minutes and can always be seen walking around the Forecourt.

  • Emily (Big Em) Greaves

    Forecourt Manager

  • Marco (Transporter) Ward

    Forecourt Staff

    Marco has always a lot of experience at used and main dealers and is therefore a very good fit at GMC2000.

  • Justyn (Peen) Wade

    Forecourt Staff

    Justyn has in total been with GMC2000 nearly 8 years. He is always ensuring the cars are prepped to the highest standard and is seen working come rain sleet or shine. He enjoys listening to death metal, and having long walks on the beach.

  • Danny (The Scooter man) Wood

    Forecourt Staff

    Danny works on the forecourt prepping cars. He can often be seen on his scooter (hence the nickname scooter man) going back and fore the chip shop. He enjoys playing basketball, the high jump and is exceptional at painting skirting boards.

  • Lukas (The Demon) Demeter

    Forecourt Staff

  • Nathan (The Beard) Waite

    Admin Staff

  • Keith (Big Arms)

    Technician / Complaints Department

    Keith is GMC2000's technician. He has many years in the motor trade and has exceptionally high standards when it comes to his work. He is a regular at the gym which is where his nickname comes from. He enjoys Moto GP and 1960's love songs.

  • Richard (Taffy) Dunn


    Richard has been with GMC2000 for just over 3 years and has moved from Sales to the purchasing of all our cars. He comes from the beautiful south wales valleys and move to Leeds in 2014. He enjoys most sports, 60's Motown and watching paint dry.